Phil T. Mistlberger is the founder of the Samurai Brotherhood. Born in Montreal in 1959, he is the author of seven books, has worked as a transformational facilitator and mentor for over 30 years, and has taught in numerous countries around the world. His introduction to men’s work was via the Sterling Men’s Weekend that he participated in in 1992. In 1996 he founded his own men’s group, the Samurai Brotherhood. In 2008, after several years of writing and teaching in Europe, he rebooted the Brotherhood with his friend and colleague Yona Bar-Sever. The Brotherhood was reinitiated again in 2015 with just six men. As of 2021, it has grown to well over 400 men in the Vancouver area and internationally in several cities.



Nick Sol is a coach, group facilitator, public speaker and writer based in Vancouver, BC ( He believes that getting to know ourselves at all our depths is an extremely important piece of cultivating self-acceptance and aligning our desires with our reality. Nick has also trained extensively in experiential groups with an emphasis on Jungian shadow work led by Phil T. Mistlberger. His professional work with clients centres around cultivating self-esteem, through which an enhanced belief in ourselves enables us to dig deeper into our life’s work, our relationships, and our lives as a whole.


Ben Goresky is an entrepreneur, men’s work facilitator and mentor. As a leader in the brotherhood, he draws on his experience in the realms of addiction, transpersonal therapy and his bachelor’s degree in counselling to support men in improving their relationships, and their success in the world. He offers an integrated masculine approach to 1-1 mentorship, and is also trained to facilitate various types of transformational breathwork. Ben hosts The Evolving Man Podcast on iTunes and

Ben is also the captain of the Samurai Brotherhood’s first online Ronin Squad #1 and Tiger Squad Captain.



Rey Brannen is a serial entrepreneur who has worked extensively in nanotechnology and internet marketing, and he is currently an active commercial real estate and stock investor. His hobbies and interests include men’s work, yoga, judo, lucid dreaming, weightlifting and traveling with his wife. Rey is fluent in Japanese, and is the author of The 7 Laws of Abundance: How to Win At Life and Influence Reality, available at


Simon Kotyk has been a member of the Samurai Brotherhood since October 2015. He is committed to helping men reach their positive potential in the world. He is a Men’s Coach, blogger (, and has a deep interest in psychology, spirituality and personal growth work. Simon has experienced some of the more rugged elements of life, having worked on drilling rigs for many years.

Simon is also the captain of Mammoth Squad and Ronin Squad #4.


Leo Cheung’s path of personal growth began on a bike ride from Vancouver to Mexico and later onwards around the world, studying meditation, western mysticism, eastern philosophy and eventually yoga. He pursued the path of teaching yoga professionally and had the fortunate opportunity to lead teacher trainings, workshops and retreats for many dedicated students. Leo later founded the Modern Yoga Podcast and interviewed senior teachers on topical issues in the industry as a means of cultivating community and providing education to other teachers. His focus now is in building the community of the Samurai Brotherhood, training in leadership development and giving mentorship and support to men involved.

Leo is also the Captain of Victoria’s Orca Squad.