The Sacred Band is a squad for gay, bisexual and bicurious men meeting once a month for men who also belong to another weekly squad.

 The Sacred Band of Thebes of around 378 BCE was an elite fighting unit of the Theban army consisting of 150 gay lovers and celebrated throughout Greece for its military success and courage.

The Samurai Brotherhood is made up of conscious men, so, unsurprisingly, I have experienced only acceptance from my brothers and the entire leadership. As a gay man, I was accepted as one of the first co-captains of a squad, Red Dragon. My squad embraces me regardless of my sexual orientation. (Thanks, brothers!). The Brotherhood leadership also has embraced this new squad.

In all likelihood, each weekly squad has some gay or bi members; squads benefit from from such diversity. I encourage gay and bi men to be out and discuss issues related to their relationships, sex and sexual orientation in their weekly squad meetings. Because squads benefit from such diversity, we require members of the Sacred Band to be members of another weekly squad.

However, I also recognize that many gay, bi and bicurious men are not out; the stigma remains strong. And whether or not someone is out, the Sacred Band provides a forum to discuss issues that other gay, bisexual and bicurious men can better address.

This is not a gay-straight alliance; the squad is strictly for guys who believe they are gay, bi or bicurious — but you do get to stay if you conclude you are straight (yes, we have one straight member). Without using labels, it is for anyone who identifies as a man and is attracted to men; has, wants or fantasizes about sex with men; or is uncertain about his sexual orientation. If you think the squad might be for you but are unsure, we can have a chat.

Membership in this squad is confidential. I will not disclose to anyone, without your permission, that you inquired about or joined this squad.

All members of this squad must be members of one of the other Samurai Brotherhood squads that meet weekly. I will not ask anyone if you are a Brotherhood member due to the confidentiality of membership in this squad. Instead, I will check a master list of Brotherhood members. If you quit the Brotherhood, you must leave the Sacred Band after you complete the quarter for which you have prepaid.

Recognize that others in your weekly squad, including your captain or lieutenants, may be in the Sacred Band, but that’s no big deal: they are in the squad for the same reason you are.

If you are a current Samurai Brotherhood member interested in joining The Sacred Band, contact me at or fill out this form to inquire or join.

When: 2nd Wednesday of the month
Time: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Location: Downtown Vancouver (inquire for details)
Dues: $30 per quarter